Pennsylvania Spiritual Heritage: The State House

Join the The Providence Forum as Dr. Lillback and Pennsylvania State Legislators tour the art and the spiritual legacy in the magnificent state capitol of Pennsylvania.

Thanks to a Pennsylvania foundation, a grant was given to capture on location the extraordinary message and art of one of America’s most beautiful state capitol buildings. Dr. Lillback was joined by three legislators and other friends as together they taught each other the biblical and historical significance of the art and scriptural citations which are found throughout the entire building, reflecting the devout Judeo-Christian tradition of Americans at the turn of the 20th century.

This video is suitable for education settings, political gatherings, patriotic settings, religious instruction and classes, as well as for personal growth. It demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt the dynamic and dramatic role that faith and moral values have played in the birth and development of one of America’s most extraordinary founding states, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Providence Forum hopes that this video will have a vast distribution because it goes a long way toward advancing the core mission of The Providence Forum: to promote, protect, and advance the faith and values of America’s founders which produced the freest and most successful nation in the history of mankind. Given all the erosion of values and the distortion and suppression of historical verities, this video may be the perfect supplement for your teaching or a decisive antidote to the commonplace view that demands a radical separation of historic Judeo-Christian faith from the public square.
Thanks for passing along the good news of the completion of this project as you seek to be salt and light in a confusing time for our nation. Contact The Providence Forum for a DVD copy or thumb drive of the video while supplies last. While these are not for sale, we do ask for a suggested donation of $10 each which will allow us to replenish the available supply and cover shipping and handling. The video can also be downloaded in its entirety for free here on The Providence Forum’s website.