The first Methodist Church service in St. Marys was held at the Presbyterian Church in March 1873 and for over 22 years the Methodist congregations moved from location to location for church services. The Joshua Sykes family kept the cause of Methodism alive in St. Marys until 1895 when more formal services were held by sharing a minister from the Emporium circuit with St. Marys, Benzinger, Beechwood, More Hill, Howard and West Creek. These towns formed the new St. Marys charge until property was purchased in the present church location on N. St. Marys Street for the St. Marys Church alone. The church building was dedicated in November 1897 and it was completed in1903, with an addition in 1923 of Asbury Hall and extensive renovations were done in 1957 and 1965. The mortgage was burned in 1963; showing the resolve of the congregation to complete a project both physically and financially. Over the years the house next to the church was purchased for the parsonage, the bell tower became unstable and was replaced with a spire, neighboring homes were purchased for parking and in 1979 a steel building was built to expand the services that the Methodist church was offering to their own congregation and the community of St. Marys. More recently projects that have been accomplished are the construction of a handicap entrance to the church enlarged the front foyer area and continually updating the various rooms in the church.

As the Church continues to grow the congregation is outgrowing their present location and the board began looking for land to expand their church and their community service and in 2008 over twelve acres were purchased on South Michael Road. Thus the beginning of the Greenlands Project.

Greenlands Project:

The Greenlands Project is located on South Michael Road, St. Marys approximately 2 miles out of town.  The land will be open to everyone in the community, including the First United Methodist Church (FUMC) members, families and friends, community families and individuals, other congregations, charitable organizations, municipalities, community businesses and non-profit organizations. The church also intends to reach out senior citizens, physically and mentally challenged and at-risk youth. It will also offer thinking outside of the box by providing outdoor church services, programs, weddings, funeral dinners, family events and community programs. The project reaches far beyond the walls of a physical church building.

Methodist Episcopal – Erie Conference. The first Methodist services were held in the Presbyterian Church in 1873; then in private homes and in a hall on Erie Avenue. Encouragement and help during this period came from the Emporium Methodist Church. The first building was erected in 1895 on land purchased by W. L. Sykes. In 1895, it became the Saint Marys Charge with six preaching points as part of the Williamsport District, Central Pennsylvania Conference. It became a station in 1896. The church building was dedicated in 1897 and used though not completed. The building was completed in 1903, with additions in 1923 (Asbury Hall), and extensive renovations in 1957 and 1965. Adjacent property was acquired in 1968 for a parsonage. It became part of Western Pennsylvania Conference in 1962. Membership 1968 was 490. Membership January 1, 2003 was 432. The membership January 2014 was 548.

Pastors, Saint Marys:

  • George Washington Faus 1897-1901
  • William Wade Hartman 1901-1903
  • George M. Frownfelter 1903-1907
  • William Emerson Karns 1907-1910
  • Harman Heston Crotsley 1910-1911
  • Ellis Elmer McKelvey 1911-1913
  • James Monroe Johnson 1913-1915
  • Herbert Crawford Hinkle 1915-1917
  • Charles W. Bryner 1917-1919
  • Richard Brooks 1919-1922
  • Otto E. Miller 1922-1928
  • Charles E. Lehman 1926-1928
  • Frank Warren Roher 1928-1931
  • Robert C. Peters 1931-1935
  • Harry J. Schugart 1935-1936
  • Joseph G. Rigby 1936-1941
  • Thomas F. Ripple 1941-1944
  • John T. Cummings 1944-1948
  • John M. Stevens 1948-1953
  • Robert H. Karalfa 1953-1962
  • Richard Martin Burns 1962-1968
  • Milton M. Rhodes 1968-1972
  • James R. Wagner 1972-1976
  • David Merle Davis 1976-1983
  • Frank Melvin Sherman 1983-1993
  • William John Starr 1993-1998
  • David Russell Vaughn 1998-2005
  • Dwayne Burfield 2005-2009
  • Chris Kindle 2009-2013
  • J. Tim Hoover 2013-current